Christmas Mini Sessions 2022

Information for you!

Thank you so much for booking a mini session with me this year - I look forward to seeing the kids and how much they've grown.. or meeting you all for the first time if you have never been to see me!

The Sessions this year will take place in THE RADDISON HOTEL, LITTLE ISLAND in the Shanagarry Suite which is in the older main house of the hotel on the first floor (lift is available for buggy/wheelchair access). You can access this area through main reception! Once you arrive to the hallway on the first floor, you'll see a sign for Little Milestones Photography and some chairs outside the suite to wait if the door is closed, or come straight in if the door is open!


This year I will have one kids only backdrop just like the one below and one larger family backdrop...

As you can see, this is supposed to be an outdoor scene but we have our models in a variety of clothes options! Even PJs can work outdoors when you are having a photoshoot!!!! So my idea is anything goes... have fun with your clothing options and feel free to put the kids in pjs with coats on over them to allow you to have a varied look. We won't have time for a costume change on the day but we can totally add coats!! xx Can't wait to see you, and please let me know if you have any questions....

The Family backdrop will be a Christmas sitting room with teddy bear set up and will have a cosy feel - with darker tones to give your session some variety...

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for your session to allow you to make your way to the hotel reception and find the room - I have a very small window between sessions this year so this would be much appreciated!

Can't wait to see you all

Any questions? Contact me on 0860752581 or