Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions 2021

So you have booked the Session! Tick that off the List of things to do! Now the thought of coordinating the family and picking out outfits slipped into your mind and your head is spinning! Don’t worry, thats why I am here to help. Christmas Photo Sessions are meant to be fun, so don’t let yourself get all worked up over the many tiny details. But that being said, here are some little helpful hints to get the most our of your Mini Session.

Most of you came to my Christmas Tree Farm minis last year, so have a good idea of what looks good! OORDINATE OUTFITS BUT DON’T ‘MATCHY-MATCHY’

I always suggest to my clients to pick out THREE colours that go well together and one of those colors being a neutral color. After selecting your color palette, select outfits for your family that coordinate with the colors you have chosen. You do not all have to be wearing matching sweaters and identical pants. Instead, mix it up a little, but stick to the color palette you have chosen. This will create unity without going over the top. For example, when you think of Christmas, RED instantly comes to mind. So a great Christmas outfit color scheme would be Red, Denim and White! Red always looks amazing against the dark green Christmas Tree Farm backdrop but think outside the box aswell ... Creams, Greens, Navy, Pink etc..all look amazing aswell!


Feel free to jazz your session up and go all Christmas jumpers and hats! Or keep it simple .....whichever you'd like - these are your family photos xx



 Your Mini Session is allocated a very specific time. If you are late, unfortunately that means you will be cutting into your OWN mini session time. I can not extend sessions due to clients being late. Mini sessions run back to back and this means that I need to finish at our allocated time. Please try to be five minutes early to your session to allow walking to the location and additional unexpected things. I suggest GPS-ing the location in advance to time your arrival. Marie (my sister) will be on hand to show you where to go! The EIRCODE is P31 V061. Please enter this to google maps a few days before the session and let me know if you are unsure about anything... My number is 086-0752581. Parking is limited, so please try to take only ONE CAR!


I'm still not sure which day we will be having the session - I will let you know on the WEDNESDAY before once weather is checked...


I've chosen to have outdoor only again this year so that the likelyhood of things being cancelled is lower - I will wear a mask if I need to come close to ye .... no need for any of your to wear one...however, be mindful of other families on the farm and keep a safe distance just to be extra safe.


While you're on the farm - why not pick a tree!!! It is a little early to bring your tree home and you may not have enough room in the car! If you'd like to go pick a tree after your session, please let the owners know and you can grab a ribbon and choose your own family tree - write your name on the ribbon, pay and come back to collect it the week after! What a lovely thing to do with the kids!!!

Can't wait to see ye!

This is always my favourite day - Even though I'm always shattered after it - I love it! It really starts my Christmas season off with excitement and FUN! I'm really looking forward to seeing how much everyone has grown - and yes, there will be goody bags again this year ------